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Personal Growth & Development


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At DEX Life Coaching Services we wish to be of immense value to our clients/members via the array of opportunities and offerings to assist and improve the quality of life for our clients.

Using the wheel of wellness model design, and alternative approaches in treating with mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  Our membership website “New Life Awaits You” seeks to educate, inspire, motivate, support and bring awareness in the following aspects.

*Alternatives to treating mental and emotional  health problems.

* Financial wellbeing and the future of work.

*Discover wellbeing through selfcare and fashion psychology 

* Understanding the e-commerce environment, policy, rules of engagement and breach prevention.

* Sex and sexuality a force for good and more


Q What is life coaching about

Life coaching is a helping and empowering others profession while assisting clients/members through a number of personal and professional challenges in life.

The life coach can be considered your confidante where you can share your need to be heard, respected as you define better your personal values and increase in self awareness for personal development.

Q What is D Euphoria Xperience Life Coaching Services

DEX Life Coaching Services is a holistic model that seeks to bring awareness about the critical need on why personal and professional development is inevitable and holistic as a response to treating with problems in ones life.

The data that guides this initiative has informed that people are most times stuck in life due to a number of reasons. At the top of the list is lack of self awareness, limited mindset and lack of personal development.

Q What's the difference between professional life coach, psychologist and therapist?

Life coaches are trained to identify the strengths and abilities that clients are most times blind to.

Through unique ways of asking deep questions clients discover their blind spots, discover their capabilities and how best to adjust, regulate and manage the presenting problems they may be experiencing.

Psychologist and therapist usually require going back in the past of the client in treating with problems and at times the application of some needed tools and psychological assessments.

In instances where the life coach discover the need to refer the client to a psychologist /therapist. This may become necessary to further help and improve the client to increase in either personal or professional performance.